State-of-the-art Laboratory Equipment of various tasks

In use around the world:

The reliable and versatile Bühler shakers and laboratory devices combine high reliability and long life also with high loads and continuous operation.

Shakers for mixing a variety of different samples

  • Different motions:
  • horizontal, orbital or switchable from orbital to horizontal
  • linear tilting movement
  • three-dimensional orbital movement
  • Loading capacities:  2 – 75 kg
  • Wide choice of rack systems for different vessels (Erlenmeyer flasks, separating funnels, microplates, test tubes, barrels)
  • Analog devices and control devices
  • Optional control interface or USB interface

Incubator Hoods can be combined with the shakers for temperatures up to +60°C (can also be used as independent units)

Infrared heaters for fast heating of samples without open flame

Homogenizers with knives for mechanical crushing of samples at very high speed

Vibrogen Cell Mills for the dissolution of samples according to the ball mill principle