Miniature Shaker KM CO2


Miniature Shaker KM CO2


The shaker KM CO2 made of stainless steel with orbital shaking motion was especially designed for use in incubators with up to 20% CO2 concentration and up to 95% humidity. This guarantees the optimum development of your cell cultures.

Basic Equipment
Basic device incl. basic platform with rubber mat and external control unit

Loading Capacity
Erlenmeyer flasks 100 ml   9 pieces
Erlenmeyer flasks 500 ml   4 pieces

You will find further loading possibilities here




Motion: orbital
Shaking platform: 200 x 295 mm
Max. load: 2 kg
Shaking speed: 5 - 220 rpm, in steps of 5
Stroke: 20 mm
Runtime: 1s - 100 h / continuous
Order No.: 6136 000
Accessory: Universal tray KM Mini
Universal tray KM
Clamping strip KM
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Technical specifications

Electrical supply: 100 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Enclosure protection: IP 21
Heat emission: approx. 4 W
Ambient temperature: 4°C to 45°C
Relative humidity: 20 - 95 %
CO2 concentration: 20 %
Dimensions (w x d x h): 230 x 340 x 145 mm
Weight: 7,6 kg