Arc Melter AM


Arc Melter AM


• Designed for melting samples of up to approx. 200 g at temperatures up to 3500°C
• Water-cooled copper crucible plate with multi-purpose moulds
  (for button and rod samples)
• Water-cooled, double-walled high vacuum chamber
• Highly reliable, hydraulic hoist
• Motor-driven, water-cooled tungsten electrode which can be moved freely above the crucibles
• Excellent observation of the melting process through viewing port(s)
• Control panel with all major operating functions at the top of the electrode for safe
   and convenient operation
• Crucible plates with customized moulds on request
• Contactless ignition of the arc
• Powerful arc melting generators for up to approx. 3500°C
• High-vacuum pumping and measuring systems, built into the rack system ready for operation


Quantity: max. 200 g per charge
Temperature: 3500° C
Generators: max. 400 A / max. 800 A
Connectin: 400 V, 3-ph, 50/60 Hz (generator); 230 V, 50/ 60 Hz (arc melter) (different voltage on request)
Crucible plate: standard crucible plate or customized crucible plates
Options: Sample manipulator, Tilt casting, Suction casting, Recirculating chiller
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