Heat Zone Furnace GLA 2


Heat Zone Furnace GLA 2


• Long-term heat treatments of alloys and compounds
   in high vacuum or inert gas
• Double-walled, water-cooled high vacuum chamber
  with tungsten heating elements and heat shields
• Max. temperature: 2400°C
• Pyrometric temperature measurement (option)
• Incl. power and control cabinet

• Rapid cooling after heat treatment (e.g. in liquid gallium)


Dimensions of heating element: ø 38 mm x 100 mm high
Max. permissible temperature: 3000°C
Max. long-term operating temperature: 2400°C
Interface: RS 232
Connection: 230 V, 50/60 Hz 400 V, 3-ph, 50/60 Hz (high-current power unit)
Safety features: Automatic cut-off in case of: Interruption of the water cooling, Over-temperature, Thermal overload of the high-current transformer
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