High -Temperature Chamber HDK 2.4


High -Temperature Chamber HDK 2.4


XRD chamber for operation in well-defined atmospheres (e.g. inert gas, N2, air,
oxidative mixtures up to 1 bar) or in high vacuum down to 10-6 mbar

•   Temperature range: up to 1800°C
•   Automatic compensation of the thermal expansion of the sample carrier
•   X-ray window: beryllium, ~ 210°; width 12 mm / 0° < 20 < 180°
•   Sample adjusting device for vertical adjustment of the sample, +1/-9 mm
•   Small quartz window for observation of the sample 
    and / or pyrometric temperature measurement
•   Possibility to upgrade the HDK 1.4 to 2.4 (on request) 


Max. temperature in air (oxidative atmosphere): 1600° C
Max. temperature in high vacuum: 1400° C
Max. temperature in inert gas: 2400° C
Max. temperature with nitrogen: 2000° C
Heaters: direct sample heater (= sample carrier)
X-ray window: beryllium
Chamber cooling: water-cooled
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