Laboratory Equipment

In use around the world:

The reliable and versatile Bühler shakers and laboratory devices combine high reliability and long life also with high loads and continuous operation.

Shakers for mixing a variety of different samples

  • Different motions:
  • horizontal, orbital or switchable from orbital to horizontal
  • linear tilting movement
  • three-dimensional orbital movement
  • Loading capacities:  2 – 75 kg
  • Wide choice of rack systems for different vessels (Erlenmeyer flasks, separating funnels, microplates, test tubes, barrels)
  • Analog devices and control devices
  • Different interfaces, defined stop and safety package as options available

Incubator Hoods can be combined with the shakers for temperatures up to +60°C (can also be used as independent units)

Infrared heaters for fast heating of samples without open flame