Barrel Shaker VKS 75 F control

Barrel Shaker VKS 75 F control


The big heavy-duty shaker for barrels VKS 75 F control with touch display and programmable control has a horizontal shaking motion. With a shaking speed up to 80 rpm, a selected stroke between 120 – 150 mm, a loading capacity up to 75 kg and a respective rack system with 3 fixing elements the shaker is optimally suited for horizontal or vertical barrels up to 80 l capacity. (floor installation only!)

Basic Equipment
Basic device without shaking plate, without rack system
With touch display and programmable control

Loading Capacity
Horizontal or vertical barrels up to 80 l capacity

Loading details against shaking speed.

USB 2.0 interface
RS 232 interface
Control interface

Safety Package


Motion: reciprocating (horizontal)
Shaking platform: 760 x 600 mm
Max. load: 75 kg
Shaking speed: up to 80 rpm, in steps of 5
Stroke: 120 -150 mm in 10 mm steps
Timer: programmable / continuous
Order no.: 6212 000
Accessory: Schwingplatte VKS (1-etagig)
Sonderaufsatz für Fässer
Sonderaufsatz für liegende Fässer
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Technical specifications

Electrical supply: 100 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz please indicate in case of order
Enclosure protection: IP 21
Heat emission: max. 15 W
Ambient temperature: 5°C to 50°C
Relative humidity: ~ 85 %
Dimensions (w x d x h): 1050 x 835 x 250 mm
Weight: 110 kg
Total weight (Shaker + shaking plate + Rack system): 132 kg