Melt Spinner MSP 60-h

Melt Spinner MSP 60-h


New, patented  fabrication method for metal microfibers and spiral ribbons with a horizontally mounted wheel

• For the production of metal microfibers  

• System for max. 60 g per run                                        

• Water-cooled, horizontal copper wheel diam. 250 mm

• Horizontal positioning of the crucible

• Automatic vertical crucible positioning system TPS 5-h 

• Control panel (touch screen)

• Fiber collection vessel

• Machining tool for wheel

• Complete system consisting of high vacuum chamber, rack system, adequate high vacuum pumping system and RF generator


Max. charge: 60 g
Generators: 12 kW
Spinning wheel: Copper, water-cooled, ø 250 mm
Width of ribbons: µm range
Connection: 400 V, 3-ph, 50/60 Hz
Crucibles: boron nitride with capillary slit nozzle (customized)
Options: Infrared quotient pyrometer, recirculating chiller, crucible for the production of spiral metal ribbons
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