Arc Melter AM A500

Arc Melter AM A500


• Designed for melting quantities up to 500 g at temperatures up to 3500°C and casting quantities of max. 300 g up to approx. 1800°C, depending on the melting temperature 

• Water-cooled, double-walled high vacuum chamber and crucible

• Combined solid crucible holder for melting and casting inserts  

• Electric drive for easy lifting of the chamber

• Motor-driven, water-cooled tungsten electrode which is freely movable above the crucible moulds

• Excellent observation of the melting process through viewing port(s)

• Control panel with all major operating functions at the top of the electrode for safe and convenient handling

• Contactless ignition of the arc

• Powerful arc melting generator for up to approx. 3500°C

• PLC control unit with 10” touch display (safety and control functions)

• High-vacuum pumping and measuring system, built into the rack ready for operation

• Suction casting option with 2-piece insert for casting round or rectangular rods up to a length of 170 mm


• Automated pumping and flushing cycles

• Pneumatic lifting of the casting form

• Change from melting to casting without conversion

• Current display as bar graph for fast capture during melting

• Data logging for vacuum / pressure

• Limitation of the maximum current for materials with low melting points


PLC controlled safety functions:

• Limitation of the ignition current 

• Monitoring of the eye protection glass during ignition and melting


Melting quantities - Melting and alloying: 100 - 500 g, depending on melting temperatures
Melting quantities - Casting: max. 300 g
Temperature: max. 3.500°C
Vacuum: < 10-2 to 10-5 mbar
Max. pressure: 1300 mbar abs.
Generator power: 10 – 1000 A
Connection: 400 V, 3-ph, 50/60 Hz and 230 V, 1-ph, 50/60 Hz (different voltage on request)
Crucible inserts: various versions available, customized solutions on request
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